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Associate Analyst 3 - FIG (Insurance)

The Ratings & Research Support department is responsible for producing analytical inputs in support of Moody’s Ratings and Research function. In addition, this department will provide support for surveillance requirements and partner with R&R to provide the necessary support for issuer and investor interactions.

The Role

  • The Associate Analyst  (AA) will conduct comprehensive analysis on an assigned portfolio of ratings/credits.
  • The AA3 will perform holistic evaluations of credit risk by integrating credit inputs prepared by others, including Financial Data Analysts (FDAs), RRS Associates and external parties.
  • In conducting credit analysis for their assigned portfolios, transactions or credit reviews, AAs will actively participate in rating committee discussions and interact with issuers and other market participants, in collaboration with Lead Analysts.
  • The AA role is integral to Moody’s focus on ratings accuracy, research and market outreach.
  • The AA role will focus primarily on Insurance, with the potential for cross training in other LOB's, supporting varying portfolios within FIG

Key Responsibilities

Portfolio Management
  • Performs day-to-day credit analysis related to ratings, research, presentations, and investor outreach. Examples of analytical work produced include:
  • Reviewing financial spreadsheets and charts prepared by others, analyzing data and financial statements, building and updating financial forecasts, and writing analytical commentary in accordance with Moody’s methodologies.
  • Assisting with proprietary models and new financial projections as applicable, identifying trends in data, and applying analytical skills and judgment to form well-reasoned credit conclusions.
  • Develops strong working knowledge of Moody’s methodologies and credit rating best practices, applying these with guidance from Lead Analysts.
  • Prepares first draft of rating committee memos, in collaboration with Lead Analysts.
  • Demonstrates the ability to understand and identify key factors that affect issuer credit ratings.
  • Interprets and analyzes financial data and other credit inputs provided by others e.g. FDAs and RRS Associates.
  • Monitors credit quality and issuer and/or portfolio trends by following market developments, analyzing issuer reporting, and engaging with issuers directly for follow-up clarification and information.
  • Monitors and attends earnings calls of companies within assigned portfolio, including monitoring relevant news events.
  • Attending and participating rating committee meetings, offering analysis and opinion where appropriate
  • May complete Credit Estimates used to assess elements of credit risk in certain rated transactions.

Research & Investor Outreach
  • Prepares first draft of core research as applicable to the LOB e.g. credit opinions, issuer and sector comments, press releases etc. in collaboration with Lead Analysts.
  • Contributes to research strategy, including idea generation and preliminary drafting, adhering to Moody's research standards.
  • Attends investor briefings and issuer meetings as required; may help prepare presentation materials.
  • Builds positive relationships with issuers

Credit Administration
  • Performs analytical tasks related to portfolio reviews and other credit projects.
  • Operates applicable ratings and research systems and utilizes software specific to the rating group. Identifies all issues with date for follow up with lead analyst.
  • Demonstrates sound understanding and judgment in applying Moody’s processes, documentation standards and best practices, adhering to all laws and policies.

Coaching & Guidance
  • Provides clear, concise and constructive guidance in the delegation of work to Associates (if applicable), actively managing workload pipeline in order to provide sufficient time for completion. Seeks Associate Analyst Team Manager (AATM) guidance where needed to determine how to allocate work.
  • Provides feedback to AATM on the quality and accuracy of work produced by Associates, along with providing constructive and proactive feedback to Associates and FDAs.


  • Minimum undergraduate/ first level degree (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent qualifications) in a Finance or Accounting related subject. Second level degree preferred.   
  • Some relevant work experience and understanding of credit analysis & the Insurance industry
  • Accounting background with strong focus in financial analysis (e.g., through coursework, CFA or equivalent, or relevant work experience).
  • Insurance or reinsurance industry experience a strong advantage
  • Solid verbal, written communication and interpersonal skills a must
  • Proficient in MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment and prioritise tasks accordingly
  • Fluency in English is essential. Fluency in another European language is desirable.

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