07.07.2020 | Paul Burik | Video

Observations on Hong Kong

The turmoil that rocked Hong Kong (HK) for months was one of 2019’s big stories. The PRC is now poised to tighten its influence on HK by imposing a new security law. That decision is causing other countries to reconsider special trade privileges granted to HK, but not to the PRC. International companies are rethinking HK’s role as their regional/China hub. HK’s future as an international financial center has become more uncertain. Dominant local HK players are under pressure from all sides.   

The situation is more complex than often described. Prof. Burik will explore the big questions about the PRC/HK situation:

  • What are the underlying grievances of “ordinary” HK residents in this highly unequal society?
  • How is HK perceived in the PRC, outside of government and the Party?    
  • What happened to “One Country, Two Systems”?
  • What are the dynamics going forward?  

Prof. Burik’s will draw heavily upon perspectives of his contacts developed as a professor of practice in Shanghai.