16.03.2021 | Peter Perkins | Video

Asset Allocations for 2021

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Topics discussed in this webinar:

  • Global economy: is a healthy, synchronized recovery secure? 
  • Asset allocation: will economic and capital market realities catch up to the bullish narrative? 
  • Fixed Income: will central bank credibility wane in an economic recovery scenario? 
  • Credit: is there are any juice left to squeeze out of corporate debt or other credit? 
  • Equities: can the corporate sector fulfill 2021 earnings expectations? 
  • Global equity rotation: are conditions in place to warrant a broad-based rotation away from the U.S.? Which other markets are most attractive? 
  • U.S. dollar: will a counter-trend bounce develop? 
  • Key risks: what are the upside and downside risks for capital markets this year?