09.02.2022 | | Webinar

Pathway to Net Zero – Targeting decarbonization with climate indices and EU carbon allowances

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The number of financial market players with Net Zero targets has increased significantly in recent weeks. To achieve Net Zero in 2050 and stay on a pathway in line with the Paris Agreement, an economic as well as social transformation must take place and requires immediate action. This transition to a low carbon economy is not possible without massive capital flows directed to companies and projects supporting the decarbonization as well as the adaptation to climate change. Furthermore, credible solution for offsetting the remaining emissions still lack clarity and standardization.

In this context, climate index strategies can be an important solution in steering capital flows, both in the form of benchmarks for active managers and as basis for index-replicating investments such as ETFs. In the webinar Pathway to Net Zero, Jan Ahrens and Jennifer Nerlich, CFA discuss

  1. which climate index concepts exist,
  2. if climate indices can substitute the conventional market capitalization weighted indices, and
  3. how a combination of equities and regulated carbon allowances can be used to create Paris Aligned Indices with an additional impact overlay to decarbonise even faster.

12:00h - ca. 13:00h | Lecture and Q&A

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