Life after ZIRP

Frankfurt am Main

Life after ZIRP- how dividends and long-term valuations will adjust to the new US interest rate landscape

The U.S. stock market has faced a series of hurdles in 2015. Earnings have fallen by the most since the Great Recession. Oil prices have plunged amid a surge in U.S. shale production. The Federal Reserve has been preparing the markets for the end of zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) as other central banks have accelerated quantitative easing. Economic growth outside the U.S. has continued to disappoint. The result has been the biggest correction in U.S. equities in four years. In his presentation, Ed Clissold, CFA will discuss each of the hurdles individually using objective, historical analysis. The result will be an outlook for the markets and how to position portfolios heading into 2016.