The Future of Investment Management: How Smart Technologies Can Empower Institutional Investors in a Challenging Market


Intense competition, shrinking margins and increasingly complex regulation pose major challenges on the investment industry. The impact of Covid-19 has exacerbated an already demanding market environment and accelerated the need to transform business models and processes. With parts of the asset management industry still relying heavily on manually driven procedures, there is significant potential to automate and enhance investment and research processes through digitization. Smart technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) play an important role in improving processes and investment performance, giving asset managers a competitive edge when making the next investment decision.

This webinar is the follow-up event to the “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Asset Management” lecture earlier this year and will present Scorable, an AI-based fixed income credit risk solution, in practice. Scorable is part of BondIT’s fixed-income technology portfolio and leverages explainable AI to help asset managers monitor corporate bond ratings and spreads and to identify investment opportunities and risks ahead of the market. Deloitte and BondIT will provide an overview of the technological advances and trends in the field of investment management available and share insights into how intelligent automation can help fixed income investors optimize critical parts of portfolio construction, management and research to achieve their scale and efficiency goals.