CFA Institute Webinar

2019 Equity Research and Valuation Conference


Join these live broadcasts from the second day of the 2019 Equity Research and Valuation Conference.


Drivers of Equity Valuation

  • How should investors approach equity valuation today?
  • Why equity investors are being forced to take into account not just the fundamentals but also policy and politics in their investment decisions
  • Winners and losers leading into the 2020 US presidential election and how policy may affect risk assets
  • Positioning equity portfolios to weather and take advantage of volatility and developing global asset allocation strategy for 2020 and beyond

Jason DeSena Trennert


Integrating ESG into Investment Decision Making

  • Overview of ESG integration as a specific approach (the most widely preferred approach by clients) and illustrative case studies
  • Discuss the process for ESG integration into equity research and integrating ESG factors into client investment and societal goals in public equities
  • Describe the onboarding process—time frame, resources, engagement, and research options
 Mary Jane McQuillen