Solvency II for the rest of us

Frankfurt am Main

Solvency II for the rest of us: A guide for investment professionals outside of insurance 

The implementation of the European Insurance Directive Solvency II, which is now due to come into effect from January 2016, will herald major changes for the insurance industry as well as analysts and investors – it will also have implications for markets in which insurers are active and the way risk is transferred in general. 

During his presentation, Gideon will give an overview of Solvency II and will share his journalistic insights gathered from close contacts with regulators, policy makers and market participants. He will introduce the audience to the main characteristics of the framework and its implications for the financial services industry and consumers, as well as the interaction with other regulations such as Basel III and EMIR. Finally he will discuss some of the expectations in the interim period before 2016.

This will also be a good networking opportunity for interested professionals in Frankfurt.