ETF Due Diligence

Frankfurt am Main

Over the last decade, Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) have soared in popularity, allowing investors to gain low cost, transparent, liquid and tax efficient access to a broad range of asset classes. The industry has grown from 106 ETPs with assets under management of US$79 billion in 2000, to 3,987 ETPs with assets under management of US$1,626 billion globally at the end of H1 2011. About half of these ETPs (1,737) are located in Europe, with assets under management totalling $355 billion. The types of ETPs have also grown, and have brought new elements of complexity to the ETF market. Despite the growth, ETPs remain a relatively new instrument available to European investors. Since the financial crisis in 2008, which left many investors recognising just how little they knew about their investments, demands for more transparency and insights into the workings of investment products have increased dramatically.

In his presentation, Steve will present a framework that includes the 6 most important key areas of consideration when selecting an ETP, also by means of practical examples. He will demonstrate a tool that makes it easy to investors to put due diligence into practice.

Following the presentation participants will be able to raise questions and discuss related items. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.