13.03.2018 | CFA Lecture | Frankfurt am Main

VIX, Crypto, Blockchain, Futures and/or Options: Could These Be Considered by a Prudent Investor?

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Frankfurt am Main

New 2018 studies address the topics of whether and how VIX-based products, crypto-currencies, Blockchain, futures and/or options are being considered by investors.
While some investors prefer to invest only in stocks and bonds, other investors are exploring alternatives because of concerns about high price/earnings ratios for stocks, low interest rates for fixed income, and higher correlations among “traditional” asset classes.
Issues to be addressed in the presentation include:

  • Why was the VIX Index so “low” in 2017 while there was much geopolitical world-wide uncertainty? Has there been too much complacency in the financial markets? Is option-writing still appealing when the VIX is below its long-term average?
  • What measures have been introduced by regulated exchanges and clearing firms to deal with the high volatility of certain new listed financial instruments?
  • Could a small allocation to VIX or cryptocurrency futures be used to help diversify or hedge a portfolio?
  • Why have some portfolio managers and pension funds made new allocations to the cash-secured put-write strategy in recent years?

11:45h – Doors open
12:00h – Lecture und Q&A
13:00h – Get together
Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Thomson Reuters , Frankfurt am Main

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49, 60327 Frankfurt am Main