05.12.2017 | CFA Lecture | Frankfurt am Main

Germany’s Attractiveness as a Financial Center

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Frankfurt am Main

The interest in Germany as a financial center has grown steadily in recent years and a large number of experts agree that the country will continue to gain in relevance as a financial hub. But what is it exactly that makes Germany attractive as a financial center and what are the country’s key strengths and potential weaknesses in this regard?

CFA Society Germany has recently written a study – based on one of the most comprehensive surveys of its kind to date – on this question with very interesting results and insights. The lecture aims at summarizing the study’s key findings.

11:45h – Doors open
12:00h – Lecture and Q&A
13:00h – Get together

FactSet GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

An der Welle 3, 60322 Frankfurt am Main