Townhall with Paul - Will our values survive disruption?

Frankfurt am Main

Join us for a townhall meeting with CFA Institute CEO Paul Smith, CFA. Paul will present an overview of the current topics and strategic objectives at CFA Institute, before engaging in direct dialogue with you as members of CFA Institute and CFA Society Germany on questions such as: What is finance for? What do we need to change? Can we, as an industry, face disruption without losing sight of the values we hold dear?

To get the dialogue started, here are some of Paul’s recent statements that he would be keen to discuss with our members:

  • “I believe that should we fail to adopt mandatory Continued Professional Development (CPD), then we will never fully achieve or deserve professional status and we will simply become a credential with a club-house attached.”
  • “We need to be brave and to actively seek out those areas where data is poor - and where the exercise of human judgment is key. We seem to have forgotten that this is the very objective of investment management.”
  • “I continue to believe that our role in society is misunderstood, that we have failed to establish the purpose of finance in the popular imagination. I think this is largely our own fault. We are poor advocates of our purpose.”

In order to make the best use of the time available, we would ask you to please submit your responses, questions and comments in advance to We will do our best to make sure that all questions get covered and we will also try to leave time for spontaneous questions from the audience on the day.