Alastair Newton


Alastair Newton has been Senior Political Analyst at Nomura International plc since October 2008, having first joined Lehman Brothers International in that capacity in August 2005. As such, he is responsible for identifying, tracking and analysing political events worldwide which are likely to impact on financial markets. In addition to his signature periodical Issues Which Keep Me Awake At Night on political and geopolitical risk, he is the co-author of major studies on China, on India, on Indonesia, on North Korea and on Iran/Israel, as well as numerous shorter papers.

He is also a frequent commentator on current politics on television and radio and a regular speaker at conferences and other events worldwide.

Prior to joining Lehman Brothers, Alastair spent 20 years as career diplomat with the British Diplomatic Service. He served in sub-Saharan Africa, Paris (at the OECD) and the United States. In London, he worked in intelligence co-ordination (including during the 1990/91 Gulf War), policy planning and economic relations, as well as running the Prime Minister's G7/8 team from 1998 to 2000. He was on secondment from the Diplomatic Service to Lehman Brothers from 2000 to 2002.

In addition to his work at Nomura, Alastair is immediate past-President of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies and is an active participant in a number of other MENA-related initiatives. He is Chair of the Supervisory Board of African Development Corporation. And he is a member of: the Strategy Committee of QALIS Partners; the Chatham House Council and its Executive Committee; and the Practitioners’ Advisory Board of the journal Global Policy.

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