CFA Lecture

The road ahead

Frankfurt am Main

The road ahead - Perspectives on German banking

A low-interest-rate environment, regulatory tightening, and digitization – these three trends are changing German banking. To restore profitability and succeed permanently in a radically changing financial services landscape, German banks will need to take significant mitigating actions and make transformational changes.

In their presentation, Magdalena, Philipp and Ursula will provide an overview of the state of the German banking market, including a review of the characteristics that dis-tinguish this market from banking elsewhere, and an analysis of the considerable changes in the industry's structures and dynamics that have taken place since the start of the global financial crisis. They will examine the three important trends mentioned above, which are putting German banks under pressure. The impact of each of these trends on different segments in the German banking market will be assessed, and the presentation will conclude with an outline of a potential path forward for German banks to reset the cost structure and generate new revenues.