CFA Event

Implications of the Biden presidency for the US economy


This event will be dedicated to the start of the Biden presidency and to what we could expect in terms of implications of the US presidency for the US economy, the world economy and Europe. The Trump era has ended, and the country is now led by a new President, perhaps much more conventional-looking, yet elected on an ambitious Democratic platform. This raises important questions, that we will try to cover with a discussion of the following themes:

·       Assessment of the new domestic US political dynamics where the Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress, but with a razor-thin Democratic  majority in the Senate.

·       The prospects for US fiscal policy, in 2021 and beyond: to what extent should we expect that the spending and tax plans included in Biden’ election program should become reality?

·       The rest of Biden’s domestic economic agenda, notably in what sectors and by how much should we expect the Democrats to modify or tighten regulation?

·       The international scene: is the consensus right that, after Trump, we are heading towards more predictable US foreign policy? Will there be regional differences?

·       A special focus on the European implications: Biden will clearly bring a change in tone to the US-European relationship, but how much will change in substance? Can the Trans-Atlantic relationship revert to its pre-Trump state? Where are the greatest areas for the two entities to find common ground, and where are conflicts likely to linger?

·       And, of course, what might all of this mean for financial markets?