Balance sheet scandal Wirecard - there were many red flags


The Wirecard accounting scandal is the largest in German post-war history and has caused a great deal of international attention. Even before June 18, 2020, there had been numerous warning signs pointing to irregularities in Wirecard's balance sheets. As early as 2008 (!), there were the first allegations by an investor protection association. The German Bundestag uncovered a number of things by questioning many experts and witnesses as part of a parliamentary investigative committee. However, due to the Bundestag elections in September 2021, the investigative committee was under considerable time pressure, as the first legislative reforms were also passed at the same time.

What will you learn?
What warning signs and anomalies were there in the balance sheets of the payment service provider Wirecard? How can balance sheet falsification be distinguished from balance sheetcosmetics? What are the causes and triggers of balance sheet manipulation? How can balance sheet manipulation be prevented in the future? What has already been done in Germany since the Wirecard scandal was uncovered? Where is there still a need for action? Why was Wirecard able to operate for so many years?

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