CFA Society Germany’s Expert Network Equity Valuation and Analysis aims to push the boundaries of equity valuation and analysis, developing new ideas and acting as a think tank for the profession.

In regular network meetings, expert members of CFA Society Germany will address the currently most relevant questions of equity valuation and analysis in presentations and open discussions. Each topic is scrutinized from an interdisciplinary and holistic viewpoint. All findings of the “Equity Valuation and Analysis” network will be shared with Society membership as well as the greater financial community, with the aim of sharing new impulses with the industry.

Interested in participating? Charterholders who work in the area of equity valuation or have dedicated in this field can reach out to us at:

Expert Networks Roundtable Volunteers

The Future of Finance Roundtable was founded in September 2015 by CFA Society Germany’s managing director Susan Spinner, CFA, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer, CFA, within the CFA Institute "Future of Finance" initiative.

The group discusses scenarios for the future of financial markets in the upcoming years. In each session, a core group of nine select Society members hears and discusses a different expert presentation on disruptive developments in the financial markets. The aim is an in-depth look at current developments as well as their possible repercussions and the development of ideas for how the financial industry, regulators and policy makers may need to adapt. Topics so far included Bitcoin, Blockchain Technologiy and Artificial Intelligence.

Find more information about Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer here.

Expert Networks Roundtable Volunteers

CFA Society Germany thrives on volunteer involvement. Our dedicated members play a crucial role in advancing the Society’s goals and making the services, events and programs we offer successful.

The main volunteer opportunities are in the following areas:

  • Education: University Outreach, Candidate Support
  • Program: Organizing Professional Development Events and Networking
  • Advocacy: Standards, Regulation and GAC

Please join our team of volunteers, who help us with employer and university outreach, advocacy, post-exam events or with our numerous lectures and workshops held throughout Germany.

  • Interact with peers from our CFA network in Germany
  • Support the society and your fellow members
  • Make your mark on the future of programming
  • Launch events in new locations nationwide

Interested in participating? Members who are interested in volunteering can reach out to us at: