Capital markets in uncharted waters

Lecture vom 26. August 2021
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Olivier Fines, CFA
Prof. Dr. Matthias Meitner, CFA

Governments and central banks in advanced economies have implemented robust and comprehensive plans while taking a coordinated approach to fiscal and monetary stimulus, which was a novel and potentially controversial stance on central bank independence. This influx of liquidity into the system clearly tamed the risks of market dislocation and helped bridge the gap - at least partially - for market participants, workers, regulators, policy makers, and investors directly affected by the economic shutdown measures.

Concerns are rising, however, as to the eventual unintended consequences of this liquidity infusion by central banks and government relief programmes, including questions regarding a multispeed recovery, inflationary pressures, addiction to monetary stimulus, taxes, emerging regulatory risks, and the actual financial health of corporates.

The CFA Institute has conducted a survey of its global membership to analyse the effects of the current economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic on financial markets and the investment management industry. The survey was run worldwide from 8 to 28 March 2021.

This research constitutes the second iteration of CFA Institute's work on the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. The first research was released in June 2020 and was based on a survey run worldwide from 14 to 24 April 2020.

Join us for a discussion with Olivier Fines, CFA, Head of Advocacy and Capital Markets Policy Research, CFA Institute, and Prof. Dr. Matthias Meitner, CFA, member of the Supervisory Board of CFA Society Germany on the findings of this second survey, Covid-19, One Year Later. focusing on Germany and EU results.

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