Trading Psychology – The Key to Success in Financial Markets

Lecture vom 13. Februar 2023
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Roland Ullrich, CFA

According to statistics, the overwhelming majority of private investors do not make money trading the markets. Professional traders know that psychology determines success or failure in financial trading. Nevertheless, the influence of emotions and one's own mental state is commonly underestimated. "The stock market reacts only 20% to facts. The rest is psychology," says Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller. Mastering your psychology is essential for trading and investing.

The secret of success lies in a completely new way of thinking. The best traders have developed a probabilistic mindset. They have no expectations. They think in probabilities, not possibilities, and focus on statistical tendencies. They calculate their chances and do not speculate. They follow the market and not any beliefs or predictions about the market. All that counts is the rules-based implementation of a back-tested trading strategy with a positive expectancy. Whether you trade purely fundamentals or purely technicals you will be proftable as long as you have an effective trading mind that gives you an edge.

This webinar is designed to help participants understand the fundamental principles of successful investing and trading. You learn to develop a mental edge in trading the markets. Using simple rules and mental techniques you will master the markets to significantly improve your personal trading performance. 

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