Understanding cyber risk and its implications for credit
Mi. 18. Oktober 2023 12:00 - 13:00
In-Person Event in Frankfurt

Cyber risk is increasing as debt issuers continue to move their data and operations to digital platforms. At the same time, cyber incidents have had credit-negative implications for many issuers by affecting their financial profiles, reducing liquidity, increasing exposure to litigation or hurting corporate reputations. And issuers are facing a new set of realities, including: Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, which is connected to a significant rise in cyberattacks, particularly across Europe; a hybrid/remote workforce, which opens the landscape for hackers; an increasingly concerned regulatory landscape with a growing amount of new compliance mandates, and; the advent of generative AI, which will introduce security challenges we cannot yet entirely predict.

In this talk we will focus on the major sources of cyber risk, ratings actions that have resulted from incidents, recent cyber trends with credit implications, and Moody's approach to incorporating cyber into credit assessments.
11:45 - Doors open
12:00 - Lecture and Q&A
13:00 - Get together
18. Okt 2023