Unlocking Investment Insights - A Panel Discussion on Factor Investing Trends

Lecture vom 09. November 2023
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Que Nguyen
Mamdouh Medhat
Dr. Viorel Roscovan
Join us for an insightful panel discussion featuring three industry experts who will delve into the dynamic landscape of factor investing. Our distinguished speakers bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from renowned financial institutions, promising to offer a comprehensive expolration of the current trends and future prospects in this evolving field.

Que Nguyen, Research Affiliates
Factor investing has been disappointing for investors over the recent few years. However, factors like stocks can become cheap or expensive and their relative valuations provides valuable insights for investors on the expected performance of factors. Back in 2016 we warned investors that some factors had exceptionally stretched valuations, where those that were overvalued would likely provide disappointing returns. Today we find relative valuations stretched again, but many factors are undervalued which is a positive indicator for better long term performance outcomes for investors.

Mamdouh Medhat, Dimensional
Initially focusing on small cap strategies, our firm expanded to value funds and has since incorporated factors like momentum and asset growth. Today, Dimensional emphasizes a research-backed approach that considers various factors for optimal investment outcomes. In Mamdouh's presentation, he will discuss the evolution of factor investing at Dimensional and stress the importance of translating academic findings into practical investment solutions.

Dr. Viorel Roscovan, Invesco
While factor investing has become an industry standard, the debate on which factors drive the risk and return of various asset classes across the globe are still ongoing. We propose a parsimonious yet rigorous paradigm for practitioners to determine factor existence by focusing on economic theory alongside robust empirical evidence and incorporating real-world implementation considerations.

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