CFA Institute Webinar

Climate Change Regulator Landscape in the EU


The European Green Deal, announced by the European Commission nearly one year ago, aims to shift the EU economy onto a more sustainable path through enhanced climate change action. As investment professionals, we play a critical role in achieving this goal by allocating capital towards a more sustainable and climate-neutral economy. Yet, many of us have limited experience and few tools for including climate change metrics in our financial models. 

The regulatory landscape around climate change integration in the investment process is also fast-moving.

 This webinar will help attendees better understand:

  • the why, what and how of integrating climate change analysis into the investment process
  • the current EU regulatory landscape around climate – and more importantly – where the regulation is heading.


  • Matt Orsagh, Senior Director, Capital Markets Policy, Americas, CFA Institute will present an overview of our latest piece of research, Climate Change Analysis in the Investment Process, including what climate change is and its economic impacts, best practices in analysis, and where to find information for integrating climate change in the investment process. 
  • Expert guest speakers will join in a panel discussion about the climate change regulator landscape in the EU – including the EU strategy for sustainable finance and investments.


  • Dr Craig Davies, Senior Manager (Climate Change Adaptation), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Victor van Hoorn, Executive Director, European Sustainable Investment Forum
  • Matt Orsagh, CFA, Senior Director, Capital Markets Policy, Americas, CFA Institute 
  • Moderator: Josina Kamerling, Head, Regulatory Outreach, EMEA, CFA Institute


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