26.02.2020 | CFA Lecture | Frankfurt am Main

Impact of ESG on Profitability and Returns

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Frankfurt am Main

With ESG-focused investment solutions on the rise, many investors wonder what an increased emphasis on ESG criteria may imply for investment returns.

What do we know about the relationship between ESG variables such as carbon emissions or corporate governance quality and the expected returns of stocks and bonds? What practical conclusions can investors draw from the latest scientific insights?

Please join Dr. Philipp Meyer-Brauns, Vice President and Senior Researcher at Dimensional Fund Advisors in Austin, Texas, as he answers these questions and discusses the evidence on ESG investing and investment performance.

12:15 – Doors Open
12:30 – Lecture and Q&A
13:30 – Get-Together

Snacks and drinks will be provided!


Refinitiv Germany GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49 | 18.Stock, 60327 Frankfurt am Main