CFA Workshop

Introduction to Python for Business and Finance

25.11.2020 – 26.11.2020

Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language that is used in a variety of projects ranging from data science and machine learning to backend web development. In fact, it is one of the most in-demand programming languages today. Learning Python is a great entry point into the technical world as the syntax is much easier to learn compared to other programming languages. Because of its syntax simplicity, Python is a common first programming language for business and finance individuals. But, do not be misinformed though! Just because Python has easier syntax does not make it any less powerful compared to other languages. Many of the world’s tech majors use Python as part of their technical ecosystems.

This two-evening, hands-on introductory course teaches participants foundational Python concepts and how to use Python’s popular libraries to complete various technical tasks. Participants are presented with Python coding challenges throughout the day to test their understanding of the material. The course culminates with a challenging in-class coding project where participants apply concepts taught in the course to create a game.

This class is run by Cognitir. No prerequisites prior programming knowledge is necessary for this course.