02.02.2022 | CFA Lecture | Webinar

Private Infrastructure Modeling

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Private infrastructure is a popular and growing element of institutional capital allocations. As a source of stable, indexed cash flows, infrastructure has been both an income asset and inflation hedge — qualities that are especially attractive in the current low-yield and high-inflation-risk environment.
When evaluating exposures and risk, investors often treat private infrastructure as comparable to relatively safe long-duration bonds. However, the performance of some private-infrastructure assets — especially transportation infrastructure — during the COVID-19 pandemic suggests that they are not immune to the economic growth shocks that drive public-asset returns.

Therefore, considering private infrastructure assets as safe bonds can be oversimplified and misleading. A model designed specifically for private infrastructure is required for a substantive understanding of private infrastructure’s exposures, risk, and role in a multi-asset class portfolio.
We would like to invite you to a webinar session on 2 February 2022 where Yang Liu, Executive Director in Research at MSCI, will present MSCI's Private Infrastructure Modeling.

18h00 - ca. 19h00 | Lecture and Q&A

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