Beyond Physical/Synthetics, where do we stand on best practice for ETFs?

Frankfurt am Main

Join us and benefit from the thought leadership of ETF Experts from across Europe!

This three day conference will travel to three cities across Europe, featuring speakers who will discuss key issues affecting investment professionals in this region.

With ETF (“Exchange-Traded Fund’) assets reaching new highs and ETF trading steadily growing into a meaningful part of the daily volume in financial markets this practical workshop event will focus on the latest trends in the global ETF and ETP (“Exchange-Traded Product”) industry, including updates on the latest trends, best practices and key issues in strategy implementation. Over recent years we have seen heavy press on ETF risks and changes in regulation, this event will also cover the impact of the new regulation on ETFs and portfolio strategies involving ETFs and other UCITs. 

Topics in Frankfurt:

  • “Current Highlights and Future Trends in the ETF Market”
    Deborah Fuhr, Partner, ETFGI 

    Abstract: Review of ETF new asset flows into asset class and specific exposures through the end of Q3 2012. Who are the users of ETFs? How are ETFs being used? How do investors select ETFs and which factors will drive growth in 2013 and beyond? “ETFs in Germany and beyond- Transparency in Practice”

  • Thomas Meyer zu Drewer,  Head of Comstage

    Abstract: ETFs have been a global business almost for two decades. But what about in Germany? Which investors use ETFs and what's their (basic and extended) motivation? Is the range of ETFs rather straight-forward or are so many ETFs simply confusing? And finally what REALLY counts when deciding for ETFs?"

    "ETFs and Regulation: Importance of Index Concepts and their Implementation"

  • Prof. Dr. Markus Nöth, University of Hamburg

    Abstract: ETFs have become so important that they face increased regulatory scrutiny. But whether current or upcoming regulation is covering the main risks faced, influenced or even generated by ETFs is not obvious. In addition, price competition among ETF providers and also among index providers highlight the importance of index concepts -- beyond the question of their physical replication or synthetic implementation in an ETF.

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