From SFO to MFO

From SFO to MFO: Transforming a Single-Family Office into a Multi-Family Office 

Motives, challenges and obstacles in general and the case study of HQ Trust

There are increasing offers of Multi-Family Offices in the market, which differ significantly in structure. A universally accepted definition of the term “Family Office” does not exist. But there are necessary elements and different types of MFOs, which can help clarify the concept. Christian Stadermann will speak about the reasons to create a MFO from the point of view of a SFO, the challenges in setting up MFOs and the potential conflicts to be addressed between SFO und MFO.  To illustrate his points he refers to his own experiences at HQ Trust, the Multi-Family Office of the Harald Quandt family.

Following the presentation participants will be able to raise questions and discuss related items. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.