27.01.2020 | CFA Workshop | Frankfurt am Main

Story-Finding Workshop: Learn how to Find and Frame the Stories that Position You as a Thought Leader

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Frankfurt am Main

Thought leaders are those people who are seen as an authority in their niche because they can simplify complex ideas and tell a good story about those ideas.

In this session, we will define thought leadership and you will be asked to articulate the ideas you want to be known for inside and outside of your organization. If you are an independent business owner, you will articulate the area in which you want to be seen as an authority, as it relates to your business.

From there, we will brainstorm story angles that will help you find new ways to express your ideas and make them accessible to a wider audience. You will generate a list of ideas for stories and blogs that can be posted on your website, your organization’s page or shared via social media sites, like LinkedIn.

16:45 – Doors open
17:00 – Workshop
19:30 – Get-Together

Snacks and drinks will be provided!

CFA Society Germany e. V. , Frankfurt am Main

Schillerstraße 20, 60313 Frankfurt am Main