CFA Lecture

Hard Fork - Bitcoin Ban in China and its Impact


Webinar by CFA Society of the UK

A “hard fork” in blockchain is a point at which the protocol of the ledger diverges such that two separate irreconcilable chains are produced. Chains can become incompatible for reasons of political or philosophical differences within the community, as seen in the diversity of cryptocurrencies themselves. At this fork point, a previously coherent ledger divides into two alternative futures, albeit sharing the same past. Globally many changes and diversity of thought have led to multiple alternatives paths and alleyways.

In this webinar by CFA Society UK, Henry price suggests that the Chinese government is well known for taking decisive action against companies and the use of particular technology. As a result, China has developed a host of diverse applications and technologies. WeChat, Weibo and Alibaba (Alipay). Payment, social media and messaging technologies have indeed undergone a “hard fork”, and payment systems in China are already quite different in less than ten years - from their western counterparts.

Henry will discuss that China was the first significant global power to intervene significantly in the 2017 Bitcoin bubble and has sought to guide and promote blockchain research. He will ask what is this alternative chain?

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